I am a 67-year-old man who is a bit overweight but in decent shape.  My goal was to prevent future injuries like shoulder replacement or falling down and having a hip replacement.  About a year ago, I was lucky enough to have met Elana for personal training.  Elana has been a godsend.  With her guidance, I am more steady on my feet.  I am walking upright — instead of leaning forward.  Whereas before I could not do one repetition, I am now doing easily 10.  Where I used to sweat easily, I am not.  Elana pays close attention so that if notices that I twitched or winced or cannot do an exercise, she will ask where it hurts.  Normally, I would dismiss it.  But not Elana.  Elana will identify the problem and then we do another exercise so that I can stretch that muscle.  She is always spot on! In areas where muscles were tight, they move freely.  In areas where my muscles were loose, they are now firm.   I am very lucky to have met Elana.  And you will too. 

– David Hatt


I can honestly say that working with Elana Zobin has been life-changing.  We achieved more through my focused, twice-a-week sessions than I had after *months* and countless hours of rehab working with physical and occupational therapists.  The progress I’ve made (and continue to make) has been remarkable—and I owe much of that success to Elana.

Elana combines an intuitive sense of body mechanics with a wealth of knowledge about fitness and medical exercise expertise:  she sees where you’re at, determines where you *could* be—and then tailors an exercise plan to help you reach your potential.

She pushes you but safely—and continually evolves the workouts so that you keep making progress.  She’s also an excellent motivator who gives helpful, real-time feedback (e.g., “shoulders back!” “squeeze your core!”)—ensuring you’re doing the exercise correctly while also maximizing its effectiveness.

Elana clearly has a passion for fitness and for helping people achieve their fitness and rehabilitation goals… I feel very fortunate for having been able to work with her!

– Michael F.


Elana Zobin has been my trainer for over a year. In the beginning, I explained to Elana that I needed to improve my strength, endurance, and balance.
The results I have achieved to date are the direct result of Elana’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs that are challenging but not more than I can handle.  She also places a high value on the correct form with each exercise. 
I now have more energy, my balance and flexibility have improved, and also my strength.  I started walking a 25-minute mile and now I can walk an 18-minute mile.
In the past year, I have also lost 25 pounds.
If you are ready to change your life for the better, Elana is the personal trainer for you. 

– Jo Ann  S.



Elana Zobin has been my trainer for about a year. She is a one-on-one motivator and will definitely keep you moving. Shen is committed to personal training and medical exercise and has extensive knowledge of the human body and movement.   

My sessions are well structured, detailed, and focused on improving my overall well-being. During this time I have reached a healthy blood pressure level and greatly improved my flexibility. I can now tie my shoes, a task I was not able to perform because of very tight hip flexors. 
I highly recommend Elana, she pays attention to the smallest details to make sure that you are doing your exercises correctly and reaching your goals.

– Veronica  A.


I worked with Elana for more than a year now and she might have saved my life.  She guided me through workouts that pushed my body to do things I thought it couldn’t do anymore, and her physical intuition is almost magical–like she knows my body better than I do, somehow.  She knows how far to push someone, knows when they’re more capable than they think they are, and knows how to motivate and inspire them to push their boundaries.  I’ve never written an online recommendation for anyone providing a service before–but Elana is the first that truly deserves the highest praise and recommendation!
– Kent  K.