Elana Zobin

Elana specializes in working with people who have chronic conditions or pain for a variety of reasons including disc herniations, spinal stenosis, and post-surgery.  In addition, she has extensive experience in working with people with motor issues including Parkinson’s and stroke. 


Elana’s Certifications:


  • Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) by  The Medical Exercise Training Institute
  • Personal Trainer by American Council on Exercise
  • Weight Management Specialist by American Council on Exercise
  • Senior Fitness Specialist by American Council on Exercise
  • EXOS Fitness Specialist by EXOS
  • PhysioChain Education by Parkinson’s Regeneration Training (NASM and AFAA accepted)



From Elana

Until 2016  I was Software Development Engineer and Executive with a regular job in the office. I have attended a gym on and off but never was able to stick to it. It all changed when I met a personal trainer who encouraged me to change my approach to my health, fitness, and exercise.

Over the last years, I have changed my life completely. I’m lifting weight at least 5 times per week, run, hike and have a very active lifestyle.

I realized that there are a lot of people out there who try going to the gym only to drop out and repeat this cycle. I want to help them become active and enjoy all the activities they used to like regardless of age or medical condition.

As a  certified Medical Exercise Specialist and  Personal Trainer, I want to create an environment where everyone feels supported and encouraged, free from the overwhelming pressure of fitness clubs.  When you cope with a medical condition or health issue you need your trainer’s undivided attention.  

My mission is to re-activate people’s wellness and ability to live active life regardless of age and physical limitations. Working together we can reach your goals.